In my years as a dominant woman for 51 out of 65 years of my life, I have found that my slave husband of 36 years enjoys being the true submissive slave (I use that term with pride).

He has never tried topping from the bottom, has never tried to run my life, has never attempted to challenge me in an arrogant way and is willing to endure experimentation of different punishments that I have read about on the Internet.myself2

William [Bond] is right in the fact that I am not a Goddess in the true sense of the word but Christopher calls me a Goddess because, in his mind, he truly believes I am one and calls my twin sister Kathleen and my daughters Mistress.

It was up to me to lead him into my version of domination… a version that was gentler and kinder and where punishment was only given when he disobeyed me and rewarded when he pleased me. I slowly weaved a web around him, until he was snared and helpless, by getting his consent for every step of my domination. Why? He was ready to give up submissiveness, because of his mom’s brand of dominance, but I saw the potential of recreating him into my idea of a slave.

To call him a worm or a slug is repugnant to me as I believe that a slave or submissive is worthy of their servitude but this does not mean that he is equal with me… NO, it means that I look upon him as a man who can serve me.

No one can ever feel the power and pride I have inside me when I enter a room, alone or with company, and he immediately kneels and kisses my booted feet and gloved hands then keeps his head down until I tell him to look at me. The wonderful thing is that he does this not out of duty or obligation or fear but does obey and honour me out of devotion and love. These I feel are the main criteria for a slave emeritus who my Christopher is and for any slave for that matter.

There will be Dommes who will disagree with my methods of domination but this type of domination has enable many of my online submissives to feel so worthy that they gladly will go through a brick wall for me.

Lastly, if a submissive contacts me he greets me in a special way, when he makes contact and when he signs off, and I never ignore one or tell him rudely to shove it. Yes there have been submissives that have tried to dominate me but after a warning by me they either show respect or they get cut off. I also will not cater to a submissive that wants me to be sadistic
to him… the guy who keeps coming back with the same fetish over and over and over and over and over again.

I have found, unlike some other Dommes who think they are Dommes, that it is imperative to listen and guide the many submissives who are confused about their role in this male dominated world and who have problems, as mentioned before, regarding vanilla sex with their wives. I have talked to some of those wives and they have discarded the old stigma of the Dominatrix and now happily domme their hubby’s.

Lastly, some dommes feel they have to be the whip cracking, man hating, get him to fear us, let’s beat the shit out of him and break him variety. NO… I have never subscribed to this fallacy, which it is, and have had great success in using my brand of Female Domination with online and real-time submissives.

When my younger brothers, who were dommed when I was age 14, come over their wives see immediately how they are very subservient in my presence and see the power I have over them. Then these wives see my Chris showing subservience to them. They are now realizing that they, like all women, have the POWER inside them to make a man submissive without the need for brutality.

Men are, at heart, romantics but they have never been taught HOW TO BE ROMANTIC AND KNOW WHAT A WOMAN REALLY WANTS… DOMINA OR NOT. It is up to us Dominas to show men the benefits of subservience, in romance and all other areas, and how they can be rewarded or punished according to their actions. Men are like little boys except in a different frame and a phrase my sister coined “all men should be handed over to a female authority so they can be led down the path of Female Domination” applies to the above.

In conclusion this is the Mission Statement of my enslave husband for 35 years who is in a happy and very rewarding marriage for both of us:
“As my husband….. who has been my slave for 35 years said ‘There is no greater joy when one can serve his mistress knowing that it is his duty in life to make her happy and do this out of love, not fear, for his mistress. That love is seen even in non married relationships where the slave voluntarily submits and enjoys his servitude to his mistress”

Mistress Peggy Sue