Hello to my gynarchist Sisters and submissive males

Mistress Peggy Sue







Hello to you dear gynarchist Sisters and submissive males or wannabes.

This blog is to introduce me and to give my help to this wonderful philosophy that is Gynarchy !

You’ll find here all about me, my life, my friends, my slave.

Keep free to comment my ideas and way of life.

Mistress Peggy Sue

Introduction, Praise and Homage to Mistress Peggy Sue

Even though many submissives call her Goddess, which she accepts, (not the  deity type but the Oxford dictionary definition: “Goddess…a beautiful woman who is worshipped or adored) Peggy Sue prefers the word Mistress in front of her name.

From humble beginnings in a lower-middle class upbringing in Ontario, Canada, Peggy Sue Nash grew up with an unswerving conviction as to Her supremacy, a fact that the world is just now beginning to behold as a reality.  As Her matriarchal order gains momentum over the net, through Her 29 websites visited by many thousands and many groups, Mistress promulgates Her  matriarchal lifestyle and ideology generousity to Her tens of thousands of devotees, each eager to receive more of Her wise counsel.  Yes, She is a rising star in the eyes of many, many men all over the world, whose imagination and heartfelt devotion She has captured, simply by virtue of the kind of Supreme Woman She is and was always destined to become.  And as many more men are swept under Her influence and gently impressed into Her service, this world becomes a little bit more civilized, gentle, and bent beneath Her sovereign control and wise rule.

This year of 2016 has witnessed a virtual milestone in matriarchal marriage, as She and Her husband christopher, whom She grants the honor of being called Her “slave emeritus”, are celebrating their 38th year of matrimonial FemDom bliss (anniversary June 24th) and was proclaimed “the representative family of Gynarchy.  This is virtually unknown in society, much less in matriarchal relationships.  She owes Her exemplary success as Head of the household in that She maintains firm control of Her slave, yet graciously grants him respect, maintaining his dignity as a individual worthy to serve Her while allowing him to achieve his goals.  And indeed, all Her subjects throughout Her worldwide Empire are afforded the dignity of personhood.   Rather than attempting to dehumanizing them as so many weaker “dommes” have done, She wisely and effortlessly earns their undying loyalty, devotion and abject veneration as a truly human but not divine being, one worthy to rule over Her many grateful subjects.  A simple request from Her is thus far more powerful in marshalling their services than scores of epithets, threats and coercion ever could.   As a result, She strikes a cord innately within the hearts of men everywhere to submit to a kind, reasonable, self-confidently superior Female worthy of their submission.

As a result, a year ago, many of the pretender supremacists who lacked Her superior insights, but who sensed their power base threatened, attempted to discredit, and ultimately to banish Her from their groups. They at the time had thousands of male adherents, yet Mistress Peggy Sue, by steadfastly administering to the male populations of these groups the benefit of Her wisdom, was able to redirect them under Her tutelage, and away from those pretenders.  Amidst all their silly in-fighting, scheming and plotting against each other like insecure middle – school girls for their greedy handfuls of loyal devotees, they collectively were no match for Mistress Peggy Sue.  Yet eschewing any vindictive response, our Wondrous Woman refused to lash back, instead offering them a truce, which they flatly rejected, to their detriment and ultimate demise.  In the final outcome, Mistress Peggy Sue was able to depose of every one of those toy tyrants, destroying their groups, redirecting their numbers of male subjects into Her spellbinding influence and under Her magnanimous majesty, all without ever once stooping to their level.

What has made the difference is Her superior intelligence, coupled with Her kindness of heart.  Her linguistic brilliance (She speaks more than a dozen languages) is only surpassed by Her insights into the male soul, along with the smart methods She employs of engaging the willing servitude of men everywhere.  Rare is the male who would be able to withstand Her face to face, as even through cyberspace, few seem to be able to resist Her sovereign will.  This is because to each servant she grants respect and civility, yet seems to have a ‘sixth sense’ in knowing what it will take to control them.

As She puts it, “You do not have to break a slave’s will by torture or whipping or pounding the shit out of him to get him to serve you as I am living proof of it and if you use your God given gift of feminine wiles then any man can be enslaved no matter how difficult he is. The key is getting inside his head and using his weaknesses and strengths to ensure his servitude to you and once you have him fully in your grasp the rest is easy.”

Her slave christopher was an attorney defending his client when a young Mistress Peggy Sue first saw him, and then and there She decided to take him as Her husband and make him Her willing slave. Thirty six years under Her unmistakable rule (beginning at their wedding, where She proudly announced their marriage to be overtly matriarchal), he testifies that a matriarchal marriage needn’t be a win/lose proposition– there is much for a male submissive to gain in serving his Sublime Mistress.  “There is no greater joy,” he says proudly,” when one can serve his mistress knowing that it is his duty in life to make her happy and do this out of love, not fear, for his mistress.”

Is it any wonder She is proud of Her longstanding marriage to Her “slave emeritus” christopher and has refused payment for him?  As she said “any slave worth that much is worth keeping” and She would note that She has taken the reins of command, not for Her sake alone, but because She has always affirmed the natural superiority of women everywhere to their male counterparts, and firmly believes men to be in much better hands in a matriarchal union than in one given to the caprices of their slovenly, undisciplined, misguided ways.  Besides, women are naturally suited to the running of a household.

To ‘put the leather’ (so to speak) to what She promotes, Mistress Peggy Sue has duplicated Her supremacy by raising Her daughters Justine and Rebecca to follow in Her footsteps as dominants.  And toward this purpose, She naturally utilized Her slave chris, who became their “guinea pig”.  And thusly did they learn the ‘ropes’ (so to speak) of the lifestyle at their Mother’s knees first, and then (in their teens) began practiced flexing their rightful place and power upon their father (on his knees or over theirs) but coupled with the ‘responsibility’ of domination.  So it was that Mistress succeeded in ‘passing the torch’ to the next generation of Supreme Women.  They are both competent professional Women, flexing their power in the business world, as well as at home.

In establishing Her now vast domain, Mistress Peggy Sue enjoys a growing web of influence.  Her burgeoning Empire encompasses many websites, where She personally attends to up to 500 emails daily from Her male admirers and subjects (of course She has elicited help from Her many male subjects in this).  Mistress has written extensively and eloquently concerning the universal truths and inevitability of the quiet revolution and ongoing matriarchal world conquest,  a movement so vast as to be undeniable and impossible for patriarchal resistance to withstand.  More and more, Woman will emerge, and will continue becoming more manifest, as history melds into and becomes Her story.  The Rising Empire of Peggy Sue will figure prominently in that story and one should join any of her sites and read her constitution…a masterful work..well thought out…encompassing all aspects of Female rule (e.g. are you aware that she has set up safeguards for the protection of males?).  In graciously bestowing Her supreme wisdom with those who would serve Her, She cements in our male minds the necessity for this inevitable outcome, in that it is simply in resonance with the facts of life.

So we as Her male adherents would do well to internalize the teachings She rightly and resolutely pronounces, that we would incorporate Her thoughts as our own, and thus become more useful to Her.  If She is to have any influence in this world (and She certainly has great influence with all Her thousands of loyal subjects), then it will be because those Who desire to serve Her have inculcated Her words.  Let them resound within you therefore, and let them reign imperially above all your other thoughts.  Commit them to memory, as respected, valued, devoted, free willed submissives to Her High Will. recite them often and out loud to yourself, and know for a certainty they are true and unassailable facts of your existence.

Thank Mistress for elucidating these basic insights, stated simply for all Her loyal subjects to accept without confusion or questioning.   Put these words on flash cards and review them daily.  This will sustain you to give your unfaltering devotion and servitude to either Human Goddess (see definition at the beginning) or Mistress Peggy Sue, and to any and all Females within under whose guardianship She may assign you, or under Whom you may happen to fall at any moment, or a lifetime.

Here for you to internalize are Her hallowed words :
“I believe, generally speaking, that Women are clearly superior to men when it comes to wisdom, intelligence, common sense, logical thinking, management ability, decision making ability, problem solving ability, long term thinking and long range planning, or the ability to “see the big picture,” when it comes to planning and making decisions, mental and emotional strength, clarity and sharpness of the mind, cognitive reasoning, quickness of reflexes, stamina and endurance, sexual strength and power, pain tolerance, willpower, perseverance, determination, and when need be, ferocity and tenacity.

For these reasons, among others, I believe Women are far better suited to the positions of authority, and roles of leadership at all levels of our society than men are.”

May Mistress Peggy Sue come more and more into Her destined Empire, and may it continue to prosper and grow with a male workforce eager to serve, knowing that we serve the future, which is above all, to serve Her and all the Females within Her supreme authority.